We’ve released some updates to Ex Ordo to help conference organisers with your GDPR compliance. Here’s a breakdown of the main changes.

New Terms of Service

From tomorrow, everyone who uses Ex Ordo will need to agree to our new Terms of Service. If you haven’t already agreed to them, you’ll be prompted to do so the next time you log in.


Message preferences for admins

Up till now, we’d been adding every conference admin to our mailing list for release notes and customer newsletters. From now on, we’ll invite you to subscribe to these lists instead.

Once our updates go live, you’ll be prompted to choose your message preferences. So if you want to keep getting release notes to your inbox, you'll need to select them from the list.

This change won't affect the important service announcements we send admins about things like restricted support hours, planned downtime and data security.


Support for Subject Access Requests (SARs)

In order for both of us to be GDPR compliant, we’re adding support for users to request their data and request to be deleted. We’ve added new buttons to My Profile to let users complete these requests. You’ll find them under the Privacy and GDPR tab.


How we’ll handle delete requests

We won’t delete any data from an ongoing conference without notifying you first.

Here’s what will happen when someone sends us a delete request:

  • We’ll notify you that someone has asked us to delete their data.
  • You have the right to contact the person involved.
  • If that person doesn’t change their mind, we’ll delete their data within 30 days of receiving their request.

What we will (and won’t) delete

GDPR only relates to personal information, it doesn’t relate to submissions, reviews or registration fees. If we do delete someone we’ll anonymise their personal data, but we won’t interfere with their submissions, reviews or registrations.

However, if a submission is already accepted, there’s some extra info we won’t anonymise because it’s deemed to be on public record. This information includes the author’s first and last name, and their organisation.

Here’s a list of what we will and won’t delete.