Edify returns for the second installment of the series, with an evening of discussion on artificial intelligence (AI) and the varying ways it interacts with our lives. This November, the studio at the Town Hall Theatre will host the event when two speakers will share their insights on AI.

Earlier this year, we launched our talk series, Edify. The series is geared towards an audience with wide-ranging interests and aims to advocate accessible, intellectual discussion in Galway. Our second installation of Edify focuses on artificial intelligence (AI) and various ways it interacts with our lives.


Why AI?

AI has become so increasingly present in our lives that it has reached buzz-word status in the tech world. But hype or no hype, there’s no escaping it either in the tech world or in our personal lives, from our homes to our cars, our schools to our hospitals

Twenty years since IBM’s chess-playing Deep Blue of 1997, AI now interacts with humanity in groundbreaking forms, both subtle and forthright. Think about the last time you spoke to Siri, uploaded a photo to Facebook and instantly had your face recognised, or listened to music Spotify suggested for you. All AI. Now think about the last time you used Google Maps, or hopped on a flight. Again, AI (AI-powered auto-pilot controls the majority of most commercial flights).


The evening will consist of two separate perspectives on AI from our speakers, Micheál Reilly and Edward Fagan. Micheál founded Galway-based company Educated Machine which specialises in app and web development. He has been programming and developing applications for over 10 years and his talk will focus on various social and economic effects of AI.

Edward is an NUI Galway PhD candidate whose research focuses on the design of turbine blades using evolution-inspired genetic algorithms
and will present some ideas from his own research. His talk will look at how humans have historically looked upon evolution for inspiration in technology, with a view to how AI might change things in the near-future.

Join us

Edify will take place on 8 November at 8.30pm in the studio at the Town Hall Theatre.

Admission is free and tickets can be booked in the Town Hall Theatre Box Office, over the phone at 091 569777 or online.