We've made managing duplicate submissions easier. Plus, an improved submissions topic filter.

Your new duplicate submissions report makes it easier to find and withdraw submissions that have been added multiple times.

The report gives you easy access to submissions that have similar details like titles, topics and authors. And you can view each set of duplicates before deciding which one to keep.

When you're ready, you can withdraw all the unwanted duplicated submissions in one move.

To try it for yourself: go to your Conference Hub and click “Reports”.

Your improved submissions topic filter

Before now, the only way to filter submissions by topic was to search the exact topic name.

And even then, you could only filter by one measly topic at a time...

Well, we heard you loud and clear.

Now, your submissions list comes with a topics dropdown filter. This allows you to scroll through your entire list of topics and select as many filters as you'd like.

As usual, if you have any comments or questions about these updates, email support@exordo.com.