As part of the masters program I am currently in the middle of, we are required to go out on placement for 9 months. Through a huge slice of luck, and after a couple of 'memorable' interviews, I was placed with Ex Ordo!

Early Days

Unlike starting any other job previously, starting my new role at Ex Ordo, I didn’t carry the same nerves as before. After my interview, Paul, Dermot and Peter kept in contact with me regularly as well as inviting me in on a couple of occasions for me to have a look around and meet a few of my new colleagues. This removed any nerves I carried about being the only intern in the office.

Day One

On my first day, I arrived suited and booted - shiny brown shoes, slacks and a perfectly ironed shirt. From glancing around, I quickly realised this wasn’t the norm. Converse and jeans was more like it. I celebrated inside when I saw James Hurley was wearing a GAA jersey. So as you can imagine, day two for me was a lot more casual.

Work wise, Peter took me under his wing from the start. Instantly we had two things in common:

  1. Our love for numbers (As we are both working in sales)
  2. Conor McGregor fanatics

From the word go, I was sitting in on calls with Dermot and Peter, taking notes and getting advice from them both.

What Honeymoon?

Ann Walsh, my college programme director, promised us all we would have a 'Honeymoon Period' for the first few days at our new companies where we would be learning how to use the coffee machines and updating our LinkedIn profiles. Not at Ex Ordo! I wasn’t complaining though. The fast pace excited me. On day 3 I was making calls. On day 5 I was proposing to the company what I would be doing over the next couple of months. On day 10 I was making cookies!

Work Hard, Play hard

It didn’t take long to get to know (and find out how wonderfully weird, in a good way of course!) my colleagues are. Since I’ve arrived, we have a games night every Thursday after work, where we play a different games each week. We have also started a 5-a-side astro league where we play a different company every Friday. Every 3 months, we have an Ex Ordo Friday, where we all go out and have a few beers. The last one, Peter was taking part in a white collar boxing match so we all got to shout him on at ringside.

Ex Ordo Christmas
Presenting Mike with a bottle of Champagne for winning the games

Ex Ordo Christmas

Last but not least, our Christmas party, which kicked off after our annual review. We went from toasting punch, to exchanging secret Santa presents, to playing games from the show The Cube. It was a day to remember and a great finish to my first 3 months at Ex Ordo.