You guys are a noisy bunch. We love it. You’re constantly cheering us on, and telling us what works and what doesn’t.

You’ve had a lot to say about our old Registration hub. We hear about it on almost every feedback call.

“I can’t test the system out.”

“I can’t tell if my authors have registered.”

“It doesn’t look nice!”

And you’re absolutely right. When we built our old conference Registration hub back in 2008, we made some silly assumptions. We didn’t think you’d want to make test registrations. We didn’t realise you’d need to see which of your authors had paid (and which hadn’t). And we never gave much thought to how it looked.

See? Silly.

So, we went back to the drawing board. And we built a new Registration hub from the ground up. We’ve been testing every bit of it for months now, and it’s finally ready to be released into the wild.

Your new Registration hub


We’re pretty pleased with the results. We think you might be too.

View your delegate funnel

See which authors, presenters and reviewers have registered and paid, and which haven’t. Pretty darn useful when you're finalising your conference timetable.

Create discount codes

Create discount codes so you can offer reduced prices or free tickets to some delegates.

Take payments via Stripe

Stripe is an online payment platform that offers your delegates a smoother experience for paying. And its handling fees are pretty competitive. Still want to take payments via bank transfer? No worries, you can do this too.

Test out your setup

Make as many test registrations for your conference as you like while your Registration hub is in test mode. Your hub will stay hidden from delegates until you go live.

A shiny new login screen

In addition to our new conference Registration hub, we’ve also released a new login screen. Consider it a belated stocking filler. Now everyone who logs into your conference will get a smoother experience. They’ll also be greeted by your cover image and get an option for logging into an existing Ex Ordo account or creating a new one.

Want to see more?

Check out our product features, or book a demo to see for yourself what our new Registration hub can do.

P.S. Our new Registration hub and login screen are just part of the major changes we have planned for the year ahead. We’ll be launching a mobile conference app and rolling acceptance very soon. So look out for our announcement in the next few weeks.