Tell presenters exactly when and where they're scheduled to present.

Macros like [[Name]] and [[SubmissionTitle]] let you insert personalised content into the messages you send people through Ex Ordo.

Now, we've added a macro – [[PresentationTimes]] – that lets you tell presenters exactly when and where they're scheduled to present at your event.

If someone's marked as a presenter and has a scheduled time slot in your Ex Ordo programme, the macro will pick up their presentation details like titles, session titles, times and venues.

Which means you can send personalised presenting details to every presenter in your programme. Handy stuff.

How to use your [[PresentationTimes]] macro

For the macro to work, you need to have some sessions (with presenters) in your Ex Ordo programme. If you do:

  1. Go to your Communication Hub
  2. Click "New Message"
  3. Select the "presenters" filter
  4. Type [[PresentationTimes]] in the body of your message
  5. Hit "Next" and you'll see a preview of the macro in action

The macro will automatically populate your messages with personalised session details and times.

See which scheduled presenters haven't registered

We've also added a way to identify who's scheduled to present in your programme – but not yet registered to attend.

When you're creating a message to presenters in your Communication Hub, the "registration status" filter lets you see who's planning to attend - and who might need a reminder.

Filter programme sessions by stream

And to make navigating your programme easier for everyone, we've released a stream filter.

Now, each time you create a new stream of parallel sessions, you and your attendees can filter to see sessions from certain streams.

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