Back in June the whole team headed west to soak up some island life for the weekend. I was tasked with organising an outing for the team to get them away from city life and I thought why not bring them to my homeplace of Inishbofin!


With our ever growing team we had plenty of volunteers to drive through the hills of Connemara. We left Galway in a true cannonball run spirit and had our teams up against each other in a race to make the evening ferry.


We made it! After 1.5 hours driving and a quick stop in Clifden to get some provisions, we made it to Cleggan in time for a quick drink before the evening ferry to Inishbofin.

Arrival on Inishbofin
The team just after landing

Settling In

It didn't take the team long to settle into life in Inishbofin! It has always had a different pace of life - where everyone on the island knows everyone else and our sense of time is somewhat distorted. With only 170 inhabitants, it’s a close-knit community with a welcoming atmosphere.

Team Debrief
Quick team debrief before dinner


In the spirit of island life some of the team decided to try the local crab claws which didn't disappoint (although they made a serious mess trying to eat them!).

Murray's Crab Claws
Murray's famous crab claws


After dinner we enjoyed a few drinks and went back to the house to prepare ourselves for the bonfire. Bonfire's night, the evening of 23rd June, Saint John's Eve, is the eve of celebration before the Feast Day of Saint John the Baptist. It is an old tradition that is carried out on Inishbofin where several huge bonfires are lit around the island to celebrate. People gather around the fires to have a few drinks and play music well into the night.

St. John's bonfire

The Next Morning

After a late-ish night enjoying the festivities there was nothing for it but to cook a full Irish breakfast to mend the soul.

No messing around here!

Now that's what you call team building, everyone around a cooker frying sausages!

The full Irish

It wasn't long until we all felt ready to go for a ramble to see the sights.

Exploring the Island

Inishbofin is a small island, around 5km by 3km but that doesn't mean there isn't a lot to see. We went for a wander around the west side of the island and saw the Blow Hole, sea stacks, the seal colony, an erratic, sea cliffs and the beach furthest west Trá Gheall.

The Blow Hole

Dare to jump?

Trá Gheall in all its glory



It's always great to get the gang together out of the office. I was very happy to greet them to my home place and show them the sights! I hope we get back again next year for the bonfire!