In our latest release, we’ve lifted the curtain on your conference messages.

Up to now, if you wanted to check when you sent a call for papers or see which reviewers you'd sent an invite to, you had to come through us. There was a whole lot of stuff going on beneath the surface of your Communication Hub, but you couldn’t see any of it.

All that is changing this week. We’ve upgraded the Communication Hub in our conference management software to show you exactly what’s going on with your messages.

See your message history

Now you get a full, searchable history of your sent and draft messages. You can see stats on how many sent or failed, and you can resend a message whenever you want.

Watch as your messages send

And you can watch as your call for papers or letters of acceptance catapult towards inboxes. Exciting stuff.


Registration custom questions

We’ve also released the ability to add custom questions to your registration form. So you can ask delegates for extra info, to upload a file or agree to a statement when they're registering.


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