An amazing new dashboard with branding and cards. Updates is our monthly product summary, so you can easily see what’s new. Here's what we added to Ex Ordo in July.


It's here - the ability to add branding to your conference! With a personalised cover image and your own logo, your conference will look better than ever!


Cards are our new form of managing all your tasks whether you are an organizer, author or reviewer. Now, on your dashboard, you’ll be able to send out your call for papers, view your submissions and keep track of your review! As you move through each stage, your history will be recorded in your own personalised card stream, allowing you to quickly and easily see what’s going on with your conference.


The Communication Centre has undergone a redesign and is now simply called Communication. With heightened functionality and a more streamlined feel, contacting your authors, reviewers and delegates has never been easier!