Create presentations with different lengths in the same session. And set different lengths for session intervals too.

Give your presentations different lengths

Up till now, we were pretty inflexible on presentation lengths within a session: When you changed the length for one presentation, you changed it for all.

Well, no more. Now, you can give presentations different lengths, even when they're in the same session.

So if your sessions contain keynotes or quick-fire elements, or some presentations just have slightly different requirements, you can reflect this in your programme.

And give intervals different lengths too

Along with different presentation lengths, we've given you some flexibility with interval lengths. Now, you can give your presentation intervals different lengths too.

Help delegates navigate between your programme and conference website

To help delegates access your conference website, you can add your website URL to your Programme Hub.

Once you've added your website link in Manage > Programme Settings, it'll appear on delegates' programme menus.

Choose author affiliation style

Plus, you've now got a choice in how you display author affiliations.

Go to Manage > Content Options in your Programme Hub to switch formats.

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