To save you time, we've beefed up your conflict checker and put you in control of your session defaults.

Keep track of session chair and organiser conflicts

We've added the ability to keep track of session chair conflicts. So now, you can use your conflict checker to check if anyone's booked to be in 2 places at once - even if they're presenting and chairing.

You can also add an organiser to events like meetings, coffee breaks and tours. So you can make it clear in your programme who's running what. (And you can use your your conflict checker to see if these people are double-booked.)

Manage your defaults

Save time by changing your session defaults before you add a single session. In your manage panel, you can select how long different session types like panels or workshops should run for.

You can also switch presentation times on or off for any session type. So if you want to show presentation times in all oral sessions, but hide them for all poster sessions, it's easy.

And, because not everything fits a mould, you can override session defaults on any individual session in your builder.

Keep on top of your venues

We've also extended your conflict checker to include 2 new venue checks. So now you can identify venues that are double-booked and find sessions that are missing a venue. Easy peasy.

To see these updates in action, go to your Programme Hub.

And as usual, if you have any comments or questions about these updates, email